Janitza Features New Capabilities for Power Grid Monitoring Software at DCD New York

GridVis® 8.0's customized data measurement and reporting capabilities showcased at DCD.

Janitza Features New Capabilities for Power Grid Monitoring Software at DCD New York

Chicago – April 20, 2022Janitza, a leading supplier of energy efficiency systems, has announced new software capabilities for its GridVis® network analysis software. Customizable features make it easier than ever for customers to access, analyze, and report their measurement and energy data.

The new GridVis 8.0 Report Editor enables customers to create reports according to their unique requirements and preferences. Users can also archive reports within the software. Direct connection to measurement and energy data via the GridVis 8.0 Reporting tool makes it easy for customers to access and visualize the most important information for them. Numerous visualization options make it more simple for customers to create and display data in their preferred format.

“Report Editor makes it easy for customers to access the real-time data they need in the format they prefer,” said Andrew Ruef, Janitza’s business development manager. “This helps them make informed decisions about resource allocation, usage and more. And using the templates, they can quickly create the customized reports they need.”

In addition to generating reports, users can export data such as meter readings, utilization reports, and high-availability reports. All data exports, whether manual or automated, are stored in the GridVis database and are available as PDF or XLS files.

Additional new GridVis enhancements include a graph feature and a device overview. The graph feature offers direct access to measurement and energy values. Users can immediately compare measured data from different measuring points and directly influence the appearance and behavior of the measured values. Measurement and energy values can be aggregated, providing daily, monthly, or annual values.

The Device Overview feature allows users to create a customized list of measuring points, providing real-time access to important measured values, such as voltage, current, and active power.

With measurement technology from Janitza, customers can also record high-resolution voltage and current events. Temporal relationships between events at different measuring points are immediately visible, and the integrated ITI (CBEMA) curve can be used for accurate evaluation.

Visit Janitza at DCD New York April 25-26 to learn more and get a live demo of GridVis® 8.0.