Pioneering the Energy Transition with Janitza

Janitza hardware and software enables your facility to meet measurement and performance goals.


Pioneering the Energy Transition with Janitza

When it comes to energy management, the focal point is more than just the efficient use of scarce resources. It involves the understanding of unique load profiles, identifying interference sources, recognizing potential for savings and much more.

The integration of IoT components, frequency converters, in-house solar power generation and electric vehicle charging stations greatly complicates the energy management landscape in a facility. In this new complexity, small firms to large corporations, as well as energy utilities, are managing brand new types of issues within traditional organizational structures to solve uniquely modern problems.

Janitza is at the forefront of this challenge, responding to the current and anticipated progression of the energy transition by expanding our measurement technology portfolio to include increasingly forward-looking and comprehensive hardware and software solutions.

Enriching Energy Management through Innovative Software with Advanced Analysis & Visualization
Janitza's cutting-edge GridVis® network visualization software frequently introduces new features to address the ever-changing energy landscape. With four distinct editions, there is a software version for every application. The free version, GridVis Essentials, provides basic functionality for configuration, visualization and documentation. GridVis Standard offers more advanced options, including a web interface for creating dashboards. The third version, GridVis Expert, extends the full range of capabilities. Our newest addition to the portfolio, the GridVis® Cloud Edition, enables small- and medium-sized businesses to record and evaluate energy and CO₂ consumption quickly, transparently and with ease.

UMG 96-PQ-L Class S: Upgraded Measurement Technology
Janitza continuously innovates its measurement technology and devices. The modular network analyzer UMG 96-PQ-L is a testament to this dedication, documenting energy flows to provide the vital network transparency needed for effective energy transition implementation.

Offered in three models, the UMG 96-PQ-L is suitable not only for TN and TT networks but is also optimized for use in IT networks. All UMG 96-PQ-L models are now available in Class S versions. These enhanced versions offer additional functionalities, such as flicker detection and interharmonics, and comply with both EN 50160 and IEEE 519 standards. Furthermore, the Class S version can be conveniently upgraded at a later stage.

All-in-One Network Analyzer UMG 801
The modularly expandable network analyzer UMG 801 is another remarkable addition to Janitza's offering. This high-precision, comprehensive device features 8 current and 4 multifunction channels, a generous 4 GB measurement data memory and much more. Its color graphic display facilitates on-site visualization and intuitive configuration.

When paired with GridVis software, the UMG 801 presents numerous additional options for visualization, documentation and analysis. The entire measurement system can be configured via OPC UA, simplifying integration into higher-level systems such as building management systems or SCADA.

Janitza's commitment to developing advanced hardware and software solutions enables your facility to meet its measurement and performance goals, fostering a more sustainable and efficient energy future. By integrating these state-of-the-art technologies, organizations can actively shape their energy transition journey while benefiting from substantial energy and cost savings.