Überwachung Energieverbrauch von Leitungen, Erdgas & Druckluft der Firma B/S/H Turkey

Project Description

The company has different production lines like press machine, welding and assembly. The customer wants to monitor the energy consumption of each line separately. They also want to monitor the natural gas and compressed air consumption.

We have offered them a power monitoring system containing 33 pieces UMG 604. The digital inputs of the UMG 604 have been used as pulse inputs for natural gas and compressed air consumption. We have created a user defined variable in Jasic for natural gas and compressed air consumption and stored the values on the memory of UMG 604.

The values are downloaded into a database and online values as well offline values are monitored by GridVis software. Now the customer makes a detailed cost analysis of the individual production lines.


Country: Turkey
Project name: FIH – Power Monitoring
Company: B/S/H Bosch und Siemens Hausgeraete GmbH
Market segment: Industry, Home appliances manufacturer
Type of application: Cost center management

Type / Quantity of Measurement Devices

UMG 604E # 52.16.002 33 Devices
UMG 605 # 52.16.027 29 Device


Ethernet UMG604E


GridVis and Device Homepage Configuration, graphical interface, reporting, alarm management...

Customer Benefits

Quick failure analysis Reduction of maintenance cost
Power quality reports Comparison of the various production lines