Überwachung der Spannungsqualität in der Firma AVEA

Project Description

The company has 29 main stations in 23 different cities in Turkey. They had faced some power quality problems. These problems causes interruption of the service. Since the continuous service is very important for the operator, their main objective is to minimize the failure time.

So the root cause analysis of the power quality problems is very important. UMG 605 Power Quality Analysers were used in each transformers and UMG 604 Power Analysers were used in the UPS-Systems. By the help of GridVis software they can monitor the overall system, online and offline.

The event browser and the transient browser are very important tools for root cause analysis for PQ- problems. Beside that by the report generator function of GridVis, they can generate enhanced power quality reports according to PQ-standards such as EN 50160.


Country: Turkey
Project name: AVEA – Power Quality Monitoring
Market segment: Telecommuication
Type of application: Power Quality Monitoring
Type of application: Cost center management

Type / Quantity of Measurement Devices

UMG 604E # 52.16.002 16 Devices
UMG 605 # 52.16.027 29 Device


Ethernet UMG604E, UMG 605


GridVis and Device Homepage Configuration, graphical interface, reporting, alarm management...

Customer Benefits

Quick failure analysis Reduction of maintenance cost
Power quality reports Root cause analysis of power quality problems