Spitzenlastoptimierung in der Herborner Pumpenfabrik

Project Description

The company had in the year 2007 a peak load of 600 kW. They had been charged with the three peak loads of the three highest month measurements.

The maximum load could be reduced by 180 kW down to 420 kW. This reduction has been achieved by means of a PDMS, i.e. through short term disconnection and speed reduction of pre-defined loads.

Typical loads were VFD driven ventilators, which could be reduced in speed, as well as large scale compressors. As a first step a AMR (automatic meter reading) system for the various media, such as Gas, Water, Oil, Electricity had been installed. These data are used for some tax benefit reasons.

On top a level monitoring system for oxygen and glass sand has been implemented. In case of undercutting the minimum level an Email is triggered informing the purchasing department ordering new materials.


Country: Germany
Project name: HP Peak Demand Management
Company: Herborner Pumpenfabrik
Market segment: Industry, pump manufacturer
Type of application: Peak demand management (PDMS) and cost center management

Type / Quantity of Measurement Devices

UMG 507 # 52.15.222 1 Device
UMG 604E # 52.16.002 1 Devices
UMG 96S # 52.13.001 5 Devices
Prodata # 52.11.001 2 Devices


Ethernet UMG604E, 507 (Emax)
Modbus, RS485 Between UMG604E and the UMG96S / Prodata

Customer Benefits

Energy Saving 17 Euro /kW (17€ x 180kW x 12=36.720€ p.a.)
Transparency Easier negotiation with power utilities
Quick failure analysis Reduction of maintenance cos
Benchmarking Comparison of the various production lines
Reduction of peak demand Stabilizing of the energy supply