Identifizierung von Einsparpotentialen in der Firma Sandvik Coromant

Project Description

With it’s highly automated and computer controlled manufacturing of precision tooling the company is dependent on the quality of the mains supply. High ambitions regarding environmental friendliness combined with a cost conscious approach adds to the need for both energy and quality measurements throughout the electrical distribution in the plant.

With UMG devices in all 30 substations throughout the plant, as well as incoming grid and main distribution board, Sandvik has an ideal tool for quality supervision as well as for identification and follow-up of energy savings projects.

Asked about the cost for such an extensive measurement system they state the measurements are saving much more than what they cost, adding that the UMG devices combined function with multi parameter monitoring, energy measurement, and power analysis makes them very cost efficient.


Country: Sweden
Project name: Power supervision and analysis
Company: Sandvik Coromant
Market segment: Tools for turning, milling and drilling
Type of application: Demand and quality management

Type / Quantity of Measurement Devices

UMG 510 # 52.12.001 32 Devices
UMG 96S # 52.13.009 4 Devices


Modbus, RS485
Between UMG510 and the UMG96S with UMG510 as gateway


GridVis, PSW professional and UMG510 homepage Configuration, graphical interface, reporting, alarm management...

Customer Benefits

Energy Saving Identification and follow-up of savings projects.
Production continuity Continuous mains quality supervision with early detection and easy location of disturbances enable avoiding power related production stops.
Utility interface Knowing exactly what comes into the plant on the power lines facilitates good dialogue with the utility.