Project Description

The company has different production lines like press machine and assembly. The customer wants to monitor the energy consumption of each line seperately. They have 121 pcs UMG 96S, 2 pcs UMG 503LS and 1 pc ProData. We have created a power monitoring system by the help of GridVis software. In this project MySQL was used as database. The values are downloaded into a database and online values as well offline values are monitored by GridVis software. Now, the customer makes a detailed cost analysis of the lines.


Country: Turkey
Project name: ViKO - Power Monitring
Company: ViKO Elektrik
Market segment: Industry, Electrical Switches manufacturer
Type of application: Cost center management

Type / Quantity of Measurement Devices

UMG 96S # 52.13.009 121 Device
UMG 503LS # 52.07.028 2 Devices
Prodata # 52.11.001 1 Devices


Modbus RTU


GridVis Configuration, graphical interface, cost reporting, alarm management …

Customer Benefits

Quick failure analysis Reduction of maintenance cost
Benchmarking Comparison of the various production lines