Standalone solution for energy monitoring

The clock, battery and measured data memory enable this well-proven measurement device to tackle new applications.


Standalone solution for energy monitoring

Qualified statements on energy consumption and power quality cannot be achieved with measurement data that are restricted to the feed point (PCC). For measurement in the immediate vicinity of the consumer, Janitza has developed the UMG 103-CBM compact universal measurement device, which fits conveniently into an installation distribution or subdistribution panel. Along with a large number of electrical measured values, it offers many additional functions such as the measurement of harmonics, saving of minimum and maximum values and bi-metallic strip function.

The new Janitza UMG 103-CBM is based on the tried and tested technology from the UMG 103. The clock, battery and measured data memory enable this device to tackle completely new applications. One the one hand, data security is significantly increased. This is important when energy data is to be acquired separately for individual company units or customers. On the other hand, the device can operate as a standalone solution in areas where differentiated network monitoring was previously too expensive. If all profiles are activated, 400,000 measured values can be saved, representing a period of 144 days. Thanks to the integrated clock, the measurement data can be furnished with a timestamp.

Suitable applications include energy distribution systems, cost centre accounting and threshold value monitoring and it can also be used as a measured value transducer for building management systems or PLCs. The device is supplied with no display and with a minimum of controls. This keeps the costs down enabling a great number of measurement points to be economically realised. An RS485 interface serves for reading out and programming. The UMG 103-CBM can be operated both as a Slave to a higher-level device, such as the UMG 604E for example, or directly connected with a PC. The GridVis® Basic software package, which enables extensive data analysis for example, is included in the scope of delivery for this.