Important notice

  1. Firmware UMG:
    You don't need to unpack the firmware file. The PAS510/GridVis software processes the ZIP file directly.
  2. Firmware UMG507E/EP:
    The file can't be loaded directly into the GridVis software. The ZIP file contains a upload program..
    Attention: The workcounter will be deleted updating the UMG507.
  3. Minimum requirements firmware-update: Please note following information!

UMG96RM E P CBM D244 P215 E088

Additional information for device UMG 96RM-E (Ethernet):
Update NOT POSSIBLE for devices with serial numbers 1700/0000 till 1700/9999 and 1701/0000 till 1701/9999. The update must be performed with GridVis from version 3.04!


zipUMG103 Firmware 093231.10.201130 KBDownload
zipUMG507E EP Firmware Rel099323.07.2011496 KBDownload
zipUMG510 Firmware Rel 103723.07.2011756 KBDownload
zipprodata2 r135(boot105) build13127.01.201473 KBDownload
zipumg104-update-fw2052-r1866-b32918.09.2013261 KBDownload
zipumg508-update-fw2052-r1866-b32918.09.20131,2 MBDownload
zipumg511-update-fw2052-r1866-b32918.09.20131,5 MBDownload
zipumg604-update-fw2052-r1866-b32918.09.2013947 KBDownload
zipumg605-update-fw2052-r1866-b32918.09.20131,0 MBDownload
zipumg96rm-el r108(boot97) build11617.03.201484 KBDownload
zipumg96rm r280(boot76) p221(boot76) e133 build40527.02.201411,6 MBDownload